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Label: Iron Bonehead Productions

Format: SLEEVE: simple pocket, Black Vinyl 12"
Country: Germany
Released: 2018
Style: Death Metal

Disembowel - Plagues and Ancient Rites (Black Vinyl 12")

  •         Side A    
    A1        Intro - Innsmouth Evocation
    A2        Lord of Shadows
    A3        IA! IA! Nyarlathotep
    A4        The Pact With the Sect of the Sea
    A5        Los Antiguos Eran.....Los Antiguos Son.....Los Antiguos Serán

    Side B    
    B1        Plagues of the Ancient Rites
    B2        The Ancient Cult of Cthulhu
    B3        En el Abismo
    B4        Antra Gnomorum

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