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Label: Veins full of wrath productions
Format: cd
Country: Chile
Released: 2020
Style: Black /Death Metal

Embrace of Thorns - Morbid Exaltation (CD)

  • 1.-Nokturnal Slaughterkult 
    2.-Purifying Butchery 
    3.-Mass Annihilation Project 
    4.-I Am the Face of Genocide 
    5.-Stench of the Deceased Martyrs
    6.-The Cold Ashes of Humanity Fertilize the Soil 
    7.-Triumph of Blasphemy 
    8.-The Emerald of Hate 
    9.-The Blinded Whores Addicted to the Nazarene 
    10.-Hateful Sun 
    11.-Mavros Thanatos 
    13.-The Cold Ashes Of Humanity Fertilize The Soil 
    14.-Purifying Butchery 
    15.-Mass Annihilation Project 
    16.-I Am The Face Of Genocide
    17.-Stench Of The Deceased Martyrs
    18.-Sempiternally Cursing The Weak
    19.-Corpus Christii... Behold Thy Decline 
    20.-The Virtuous Whore 
    21.-The Crumbling Realm of Whitewinged Cadavers
    22.-Holiness Expired 
    23.-Ceremonial Rites of Fornication 
    24.-Dismal Augur of Hierophant Mass 

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