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Label: Iron Pegazus Records 

Format: Gatefold Black Vinyl 12" 
Country: Germany
Released: 2015
Style: Black / Thrash Metal

FORCE OF DARKNESS - "s/t" (Gatefold Black Vinyl 12")

  • Side Force    
    A1        Ascension In Morbid Talionis (Intro)    
    A2        Valley Of The Dead    
    A3        Infernal Gap    
    A4        House Of Baphomet    
    A5        Beast Carnage    
    A6        Capricorn's Conspiracy    
    A7        Aeon

    Side Darkness    
    B8        Crom Cruach (Altar Of The Dead)    
    B9        Whore Of The Untamed Flame    
    B10        Curse In Blood    
    B11        Blood In The Skies    
    B12        Touched By Astaroth    
    B13        The Cult Of Asmodeus


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