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Label: Osmose Productions
Format: Gatefold Black Vinyl 12”
Country: France
Released: 2021
Style: Black Metal

MARDUK - Nightwing (Gatefold Black Vinyl 12")

  • Chapter I: "Dictionnaire Infernal"    
    A1        Preludium
    A2        Bloodtide (X X X)
    A3        Of Hells Fire
    A4        Slay The Nazarene
    A5        Nightwing

    Chapter II: "The Warlord Of Wallachia"    
    B1        Dreams Of Blood And Iron
    B2        Dracole Wayda
    B3        Kaziklu Bey (The Lord Impaler)
    B4        Deme Quaden Thyrane
    B5        Anno Domini 1476

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