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Label: Osmose Productions

Format: CD Jewel Case

Country: France

Released: 2020

Style: Black Metal

ABSU - Tara (CD)

  • Phase One: "Ioldanach's Pedagogy"    
    1.- Tara    
    2.- Pillars Of Mercy    
    3.- A Shield With An Iron Face   
    4.- Manannan    
    5.- The Cognate House Of Courtly Witches Lies West Of County Meath    
    6.- She Cries The Quiet Lake    
    7.- Yrp Lluyddawc    

    Phase Two: "The Cythraul Klan's Scrutiny"    
    8.- From Ancient Times (Scarless Skies Burn To Ash)    
    9.- Four Crossed Wands (Spell 181)    
    10.- Vorago (Spell 182)   
    11.- Bron (Of The Waves)    
    12.-Stone Of Destiny (...For Magh Slecht And Ard Righ)    
    13.- Tara (Recapitulation)

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