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Label: Old Temple

Format: CD Jewel Case 

Country: Polonia

Released: 2019

Style: Death metal

DARK OPERA - The Journey To The Both Paths of Life, Sins And Resurection (CD)


  • 1.-Koyanis Quatsi (From The Hopi Prophecies) 
    2.-To The Ashes 
    3.-The Road To Shallah 
    4.-The Fall 
    5.-Farthest Shore 
    6.-The Key To Unknown + The End Of Crimson 
    7.-Calling The Legend 
    8.-Sins Of Thunder 
    9.-The Darkest Stone 
    10.-Throne Of Tears 
    11.-The Day Of Pariah 
    12.-Jonas Last Escape 
    13.-The Song Of Sadness
    14.-The First Infinite Words 
    15.-Traveller In Time 

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