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Label: Mushantufe Productions
Format: Cd
Country: Chile
Released: 2016

Style: Death Metal

Unaussprechlichen Kulten ‎– People Of The Monolith (Digipack)


  • 1.-    Intro: H.P.L. Wake Up In Walpurgisnacht    
    2.-    Almonsin-Metraton    
    3.-    Cultos Sin Nombre    
    4.-   Ritual Monolith Of Tsathoggua    
    5.-   Nekros Nomos-Eikon    
    6.-   Cultes Des Goules    
    7.-   Liver Ivonis    
    8.-   Outro: H.P.L. Back To Leng    
    9.-   Conflict Within (Sadistic Intent Cover)    
    10.- Demoniac Possession (Pentagram Chile Cover)

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